Can Magnets Affect the Body?

Cross Currents by Dr. Robert O. BeckerCross Current by Robert Becker on AmazonI have believed that magnets affect the body to help it to function better and to heal faster for a long time, and I use magnets myself. Most of the evidence that you hear offered for using magnets is usually anecdotal at best, just stories with little if any scientific proof. What if there was some scientific evidence that magnets really can help the body?

I just started reading Cross Currents – The Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine by Dr. Robert O. Becker. I’d heard about Dr. Becker and that he had some things to say about magnets so I picked up his books several years ago but for some reason never got around to reading them. Now I am. The book was copyrighted in 1990, so the information isn’t exactly new, just not commonly shared in the health industry. I’m not very far into the book yet but I came across something interesting that I would like to share.

In sum, magnetic and electromagnetic fields have energy, can carry information, and are produced by electrical currents. When we talk about electrical currents flowing in living organisms, we also imply that they are producing magnetic fields that extend outside of the body and can be influenced by external magnetic fields as well.

The Current of Injury

So far in the book Dr. Becker has been talking about the experiments that he has done to establish something he calls the current of injury. The current of injury is a direct current (DC), the kind of current that you get when you power a device using a battery as opposed to the alternating current (AC) that you get from an outlet in your wall. In DC, electrons flow only in one direction. In AC, the direction of flow switches back and forth several times every second. In the case of a 60 Hz alternating current, the direction of flow changes from forward to backward and back to forward 60 times every second.

He liked to do experiments on salamanders because of their ability to regenerate lost limbs. He measured the current of injury at a broken leg in a salamander over time as the leg healed and compared that to the current of injury in frogs with the same injury (frogs don’t regenerate lost limbs) to see how they were different. The current of injury exists in all animals, even us humans, when they experience an injury, and it is maintained until the injury is completely healed.

Getting back to the quote above, a DC current produces the same kind of magnetic field as you get from a static magnet, it doesn’t change much over time. Likewise, an AC current produces a pulsed magnetic field, one that switches directions with the flow of the charges in the wire.

The current of injury in the body is DC so it produces a static magnetic field. As Dr. Becker stated in the quote from his book, that static magnetic field extends from the body and can be influenced by external magnetic fields. Those external magnetic fields could be the field created by placing a magnet on or near the body or the magnetic fields created by other people close by.

Using the Body’s Magnetic Fields

Most people have heard of MRI, magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI machine takes pictures of the magnetic field in the body so that doctors can get a very accurate picture of what is happening inside. There are also magnetic versions of most of the electrical measurements that can be made from the body. For example, the ECG (electro-cardiogram) has a magnetic counterpart in the MCG (magneto-cardiogram).

ElectrocardiogramThe ECG measures the electrical field produced by the heart and involves sticking electrodes to the chest. The MCG on the other hand can be measured at a distance, so it doesn’t involve all the mess of the electrodes. It is also more accurate because the magnetic fields produced by the various tissues in the chest are easier to separate than the combined electrical fields. All tissues produce fields, so the doctors have to filter out the fields from the skin, bone and lungs to isolate the field from the heart itself. It is easier to separate out the magnetic fields.

Back to the current of injury and its corresponding static magnetic field. As I pointed out above with the MRI and MCG, the magnetic field from your brain can be measured without touching your body. Likewise, if you have sensitive enough equipment, you can measure the static magnetic field generated by the DC current of injury. That magnetic field can also be influenced  by placing magnets within it by placing a magnet on or near the skin in the area of the injury. This is how magnets affect the body.

The way I see it based on what I’ve read and studied (I studied electrical engineering in college), you can place a magnet on or near the skin in an area where you need a boost. The magnet influences a change in your body’s magnetic field in that area which then causes electrical and/or chemical changes in the body in that area, which can then spread throughout the whole body.

As I said, I use magnets. I wear a magnetic necklace and a magnetic bracelet all the time and I keep a pair of magnetic insoles in my shoes. I have other magnets that I can tape to my skin anywhere that I may feel sore or achy from time to time.

Please leave me a comment below and share if you have used magnets, or considered using them, to help your body and what you used them for.


PS. You can find all of the magnets that I use here. The Cross Currents book is available on AmazonCross Current by Robert Becker on Amazon.

Disclaimer & Disclosure

I am not a doctor and cannot offer any medical advice. If you have a medical issue then please see your doctor. I am a distributor for the magnets that I use, so I may earn a commission if you order through any of the link on this page. I am also an affiliate with Amazon and may earn a small commission if you order the book through the link above. No commissions I may earn will affect the price that you pay.

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How Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

Magnetic TherapyThere are a lot of claims about magnetic therapy bracelets and other applications of healing magnets and using magnets for health. The one I have seen most often recently is about Linus Pauling receiving the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1954 for discovering the magnetic properties of hemoglobin, the iron containing component of red blood cells. The claims are usually stated so that they strongly suggest that he proved back in 1954 that magnets heal the body and nothing more needs to be said about the matter.

From what I have been able to find, Linus Pauling won the Nobel prize in 1954 more for his work in figuring out how chemical bonds work and that his research into the magnetic properties of hemoglobin was just a small side note. I didn’t see anywhere that he made any medical claim about using magnets to heal the body. The fact that hemoglobin does have magnetic properties could be something that we can use though.

A Theory for How Magnetic Therapy Works

Before I go any farther, I need to let you know that I know that magnets absolutely do affect the body. People can talk about placebo effects or whatever else they want to talk about, it really doesn’t matter. People use magnets on horses and other animals with beneficial affects. Animals are not subject to the placebo effect, so the results are true. End of story.

I’m not looking at “do magnetic bracelets work?” so much as at “HOW do magnetic bracelets work?” I want to know how magnets work, and there are a lot of theories. I’m also not making any medical claims. Always consult a qualified physician if you have a medical condition.

I found some research from other scientists (physicist Rongjia Tao of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and medical physicist Ke Huang of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) that expanded on Pauling’s work and showed that blood components will align with a magnetic field to reduce viscosity and improve flow. The article says that they are developing a magnet that a patient can put an arm or leg into and they are proposing that if they can improve blood flow in one area of the body then the effect should spread throughout the body over time.

This sounds like a magnetic bracelet to me. Granted, they are talking about using magnets that are about 16 times stronger that the magnets that I use, so it may take longer to achieve the desired affect. I wear my magnetic bracelet all the time, so that’s not a problem for me. Their research also showed that if took a couple hours for the effect to wear off once the magnetic field was removed, so I’m still good if I take my bracelet off to take a shower or wash dishes.

How a Magnetic Bracelet Works

Traffic FlowingWhen you put a magnetic field around a channel filled with moveable particles that have magnetic properties, they will align with that magnetic field. You see that with electrons in a wire (turn a magnet around a wire and you have an electric generator), with water in a pipe (water molecules have positive and negative poles) and with blood in an artery or a vein. When all of the particles are in alignment, they flow smoother, faster and more particles can fit in that volume.

You see this all the time on the highways in large cities. When all the cars are headed in the same direction the traffic flows very well. When you have cars heading in other directions, like merging from onramps or switching lanes, you have turbulence and traffic slows down. Even worse, when there’s a wreck you have a lot of turbulence and flow can come to a stop.

Put a magnet around a water pipe, and apparently the same thing with a blood vessel, and you can reduce the turbulence and improve the flow. When you have improved blood flow, or circulation, the blood can carry in more nourishment to an area and carry away more waste material and you feel better.


PS. You can see the magnetic bracelets that I use here.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I am not a doctor and do not make any claim that magnets can be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions. Please consult a doctor is you have a medical condition that needs treatment.

I only recommend products that I have used myself and I may earn a commission if you place an order through any link on this website.

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Why Magnets Do Not Work

Magnets Don't Work?There are some people who insist that magnets work and that they receive an amazing benefit from them. There are some people who say that magnets do not work, it’s all a load of hooey, and they absolutely refuse to even try them.

Finally, there are some people who are open-minded enough to consider them, maybe understand how they might work, but for some reason they do have seem to receive any benefit. This is the group of people that I am talking to today.

Why do magnets not seem to work for some people, and what can they do about it? There are a variety of reasons and here are three of them.


Magnets may not work for you because you are dehydrated.

One of the ways that magnets help the body is by boosting the signals in the body that call for repairs to a particular area so that resources can be sent. There are many communication channels in the body. Everyone knows about how nerves work, and they can be affected by poor hydration, but the fastest communication in the body takes place by broadcasting signals through a network made from chains of polarized water molecules that run through the fascia, the connective tissues that run throughout your body and connect, surround and permeate all of the tissues in your body. When you are dehydrated the signals don’t have an adequate medium, kind of like sending electricity through a wire that that has breaks in it. In situations like this, it doesn’t matter how much you boost the signal, because it isn’t going anywhere without an adequate channel.

The only way to correct this problem is to drink plenty of water. I like the recommendation of a half ounce of water for every pound of body weight. Whatever guideline you use for how much water you need, once you are properly hydrated you will feel better and you will get more benefit from any technology that you use to help your body, including magnets.

Are You Still Causing the Problem?

The second reason why you might think that magnets don’t work for you is that you are still doing whatever it was that was causing your problem in the first place. No matter how many times you patch a tire, it won’t hold air if you keep running over nails.

If you sit all day hunched over with poor posture in front of a computer you will probably have problems in your upper back, shoulders and neck. No matter what you do, use magnets, get massages, whatever, you’re going to keep having those problems until you fix your posture. As long as the source of your issue remains, your problem will keep coming back. Magnets can help with the effects but you have to fix the cause.

You may also find that magnets work for you for a little while then you reach a kind of plateau where you feel better than you did but you know you should feel better. This could be a similar issue where you are still doing whatever it is that is causing the problem but the magnets are able to maintain you at a higher level that what your body was able to maintain by itself. When you figure out what is causing your issues, posture or other bad habits, then the magnets can help you get even better.

You Have to Actually Use Them

The third biggest reason I have seen for why magnets do not work for some people is because they don’t actually use them. If you decide to try a magnet to fix your issue, you have to do more than just buy the magnet and bring the package through your front door. I have seen this most often with people who borrow a magnet to try out. They accept it, set it somewhere out of the way and never actually use it. You have to actually take it out of the box and apply it to the area of discomfort for more than a few minutes.

If you were taking medication for some illness you would take more than one dose before you expected to feel better, then continue to take it for a period of time to make sure the problem was gone completely. It is the same thing with magnets. You have to use them, and continue to use them regularly for a period of time before your discomfort, or whatever, goes away. Your issue probably took more than a day to manifest, so it will probably take more than a day for it to go away.

I firmly believe that magnets do work and I use them all the time. They are a natural earth energy that we are surrounded by all the time when we are outside. For me, using a magnet is like taking a nutritional supplement. When you don’t get enough of a vitamin or mineral in your regular diet you take a supplement. If you don’t get outside often enough or long enough, you use a magnet to supplement that energy. For them to work though, you have to give them a chance and create the proper conditions for them to work.


P.S. Click here to see the magnets that I use.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I am not a doctor and I do not prescribe magnets to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any particular condition. If you have an issue that requires medical condition then please consult your physician. I am an independent Nikken distributor and I earn my income from selling magnets and other items from Nikken. My family and I use many of the Nikken magnets in our daily lives.

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Improving the Benefits of Magnets on the Body

magnets-bodyMagnets help the body by stimulating the energy flows in the body – blood, nerve signals, and the more subtle energies that move through the meridians (those energies affected by acupuncture or shiatsu for example).

Magnets are Like Supplements

I think of a magnet like a nutritional supplement. You don’t take supplements to completely replace your diet, you take them to satisfy any insufficiencies in it. The Earth provides us our regular diet of magnetic energy and we use magnets to make up for some of the time that we are indoors isolated from the Earth’s magnetic field.

Likewise, when you supplement you don’t take excessive amounts when you only need a small amount. For example, let’s say that your body needs 2,000 IU of Vitamin XYZ and you normally get 1,000 in your diet. You would supplement by taking 1,000 IU of the vitamin, not 10,000 IU. Excessive amounts of some vitamins and minerals can be safely eliminated by the body. Others can have damaging effects on the body in excessive doses. The Earth’s magnetic field is very weak, so you don’t need a whole lot of magnetic energy to benefit the body, but you do need some. With that in mind, I believe that sleeping on 10,000 gauss magnets is definitely excessive, and possibly harmful over long periods of time.

Using a moderate strength magnet is best to supplement the Earth’s magnetic field and support the body. The challenge is that magnetic field strength drops off significantly with distance from the magnet, like the volume of sound from a speaker. Magnetic energy flows like it is thrown out from one pole and then collected by the other pole, so it loops out from one to the other. To get the most benefit from magnets, you want one that can create a bigger magnetic field without having to use a stronger magnet. There have been a few ways that has been accomplished.

How to Make a Bigger Magnetic Field

Nikken EQL magnetic technologyOne choice is to place multiple magnets side by side with alternating poles. With a single magnet the flux lines come out from one pole, travel alongside the magnet, then enter at the other end so that most of the magnetic energy is beside the magnet instead of at the poles. When you have magnets with alternating poles next to each other, the flux lines leave the pole of one magnet and enter the opposite pole of a neighboring magnet so that the flux lines stay on the surface of the product. This has worked very well in magnetic insoles for many years.

In the picture above, each triangle is a different magnet. The ones outlined in green are one pole, north for example, and the black ones are the other pole, south in this case. This arrangement doesn’t really make the magnetic field bigger, but it does move the field from beside or between the magnets to the surface where it can be more beneficial. In the case magnetic insoles, this arrangement of magnets moves the magnetic field from inside and around the edges of the insole where it can’t do anything to mostly along the surface where it can affect the bottom of your foot.

Spinning Magnets

Magnetic Massage RollerA great way to increase the size of a magnetic field is to spin the magnet. I freely admit that I don’t know why the magnetic field gets bigger when the magnet spins, but I have used a magnetic sensor to see the difference for myself, and it is significant. This is what makes magnetic rollers and magnetic massage balls so effective. When a massage therapist rolls one of these on their client they essentially throw magnetic energy through their client’s body to affect all areas.

The magnetic field from a magnet spinning on one axis is very impressive. It is even more impressive when the magnet is spinning on two axes. The poles of the magnet create a constantly changing sphere of magnetic energy that can be felt much farther away than if the magnet was stationary.

The magnetic field from a stationary magnet can be detected easily up to an inch away from the magnet. When it spins on a single axis the magnetic field can be detected several inches to a foot away. Spin the magnet on two axes and it will reach two to three feet away. When you take into account that magnetic fields pass easily through the body you can see that a large magnetic field can have an effect on the entire body.

Opposing Poles

Bigger Magnetic Field from Like PolesAnother technology that I’m seen recently to increase the depth of a magnetic field is to use magnets in opposition. Everyone knows that when you hold two magnets with like poles toward each other they will repel each other. If you can arrange the magnets properly you can get the magnets to lock together with the like poles together and the resulting magnetic field will reach much farther from the magnets surface.

As you can see in the picture, the flux lines on the bottom face of the magnet are small and even across the surface. This is what you can expect from an ordinary static magnet. On the top surface the flux lines are irregular and much longer because of the multiple magnetic nodes and some of them in opposition to each other. A magnetic device set up like this will have much more benefit than an ordinary static magnets without having to have moving parts like in a spinning magnet. A spinning magnet will still create a bigger field than this, but this magnet can be used like any other static magnet. place it where you want it and forget about it.


There are many ways to improve the benefits of magnets on the body. Using magnets with alternating poles moves the magnetic field from beside the magnet to the poles so that they are more usable for wellness benefits. Spinning magnets, especially on two axes, create a much deeper magnetic field and either requires user participation or electricity to spin the magnet. A magnetic device with poles locked together in opposition creates a magnetic field bigger than plain static magnets, smaller than a spinning magnet, and is easier to use because you don’t need a means to spin it.

Do you have experience using magnet such as these? Please sure your experiences in a comment below.


Disclosure: I am an independent Nikken distributor and the links on this page lead to some of the Nikken magnets that represent each of the technologies. I may earn a commission if you order through the linked pages.

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Lower Back Pain Relief

What Causes Lower Back PainWhen you have low back pain there is almost no way to get comfortable because everything put pressure on it – sitting, standing or laying down. Most people are given pain medications and told that they just have to learn to deal with it. I don’t think that is the only option.

What Causes Lower Back Pain

“Pain” is a medical term and I am not a doctor. In non-medical fields we have to call it “lower back discomfort”, to avoid issues with the people who control the “pain” word.

So, what causes lower back discomfort? There are a great many possibilities because the lower back is a critical area in the structure of our body. The lower spine supports the entire weight of the upper body. In addition, the lower spine protects all of the the nerves that energize the lower half of the body. That involves some overworked muscles, bones and nerves and all of their supporting tissues.

The first thing to look at are the kidneys. They sit right at the lower back and if they are injured you are going to feel it in the lower back. If you have lower back pain and think it might be your kidneys, then stop reading and go see your doctor.

Sciatic Nerve and Piriformis MuscleNext let’s look at the nerves, especially the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve comes out of the spine in the lower back, runs through the pelvis and then down the legs. Any pinches or damage anywhere along the length of the nerve can appear as discomfort in the lower back. Pinches can be caused by either bone, like a compression in the lower spine, or by muscle.  The piriformis is a muscle that passes through the pelvis and crosses the sciatic nerve. If it is inflamed then it can compress the sciatic nerve and cause significant discomfort.

Over-work, strain and injury in the lower back itself could be the problem. As I already said, the lower back takes a lot of strain supporting the upper body. Poor posture, heavy lifting or even a bad step can cause injury in the lower back. Done repeatedly, all of the injuries can build on each other until you have chronic discomfort.

Latissimus Dorsi, Quadratus Lumborum and other muscles can pull the spine out of place when they are tight. The erector muscles, the small muscles responsible for posture, can compress the spine when they get tight. Dehydration can further complicate things by allowing the spinal discs to dry out and shrink, allowing the spine to compress. When the spine compresses, the small nerves that come out of the spine between the vertebrae get compressed which causes discomfort.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Most importantly, if you are experiencing discomfort in your lower back, you should see a doctor to make sure that it isn’t something serious that needs medical attention.

The first thing I recommend at all times is to make sure that you are properly hydrated. No method of relief that I am aware of will have any effect if you are dehydrated. Proper hydration will help to keep the spinal disks cushioning the vertebrae and allow the muscles and fascia connected to the spine to expand and contract properly.

Massage, stretching exercises and other body manipulation techniques can also help to stretch out the muscles in the lower back and open up the spine. Knotted up muscles can knock things way out of whack and massage does a great job of allowing them to move back into place. A good chiropractor can help too once the muscles are loosened up.

This is a website about using magnets to support the body, so what about magnetic back therapy? There are back magnets that are sized so that they cover a reasonable area of the lower back around the spine. the discomfort in the lower back is usually close to the surface so the strength of the magnet isn’t as important and having enough magnets to cover the area.

Nikken Kenko Magflex Back MagnetMy preference is the Nikken back magnet, the Nikken Kenko Magflex, though there are other companies that make suitable magnets as well. The Nikken MagFlex has 28 magnetic nodes spaced evenly over the surface of the pad so it provides great cover. More importantly, I have only heard great things from the people who have used it.

Magnets may help the muscles to relax letting the spine open up naturally. They may also help to increase blood flow which improves the body’s ability to take care of itself. To get the most from the benefits of magnets you have to be properly hydrated.

Better than relief from low back discomfort is to prevent it in the first place. The best way to do that is to stay hydrated, stretch, strengthen your lower back muscles, and use a back magnet to relieve tension as it builds up. I found some great lower back strengthening exercises here. When stretching, stretch slowly so that you don’t cause injury while working to prevent it.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I’m not a doctor and I do not offer this as medical advice. If you have issues with your lower back then please go see a doctor. Always see a doctor before you start a new exercise regimen. I am a Nikken distributor and I may earn a commission if you buy Nikken Kenko Magflex through the link above.

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Magnetic Mattress Pad – My First Experience

magnetic mattress padThe first experience I had with magnets was with a magnetic sleep system – a magnetic mattress pad, a magnetic pillow and a magnetic blanket. My wife and I borrowed the set from a friend to try it out before we bought one for ourselves. When we went to bed that night I laid down on it and thought that it was incredibly firm. The next thought I had was when I woke up the next morning. I fell asleep that fast and slept through the night.

About a month later we bought our own set and eventually bought them for our kids as well. We like them so much that we take the magnetic blankets and pillows with us when we travel. We would take the pads too but they don’t fold up well and take too much space.

What Does a Magnetic Mattress Pad Do?

Nothing. It’s a pad. It just lays there. Actually, I believe the magnets help a lot. We’ve had our magnetic pad for eight years and I still fall asleep within a few minutes after I lay down. In all that time, I can probably count on my fingers the time I’ve still been awake ten minutes after laying down.

I quick search on the internet will find you plenty of claims about what a magnetic mattress pad can do. Most of the ones I have seen are about pads that use excessively high strength magnets (10,000 to 20,000 gauss) to treat cancer. You’ll also find heated discussions about positive polarity vs. negative polarity and how one will make you live forever and the other will kill you yesterday. It’s crazy.

The pad I use has 3200 gauss magnets set into the pad so that the gauss strength at the skin surface is about 800 gauss. The only claim is that the pad should help you sleep better. The real benefits come from getting quality sleep, which is something that most people could really use. It is also made from natural latex now, so its a lot softer than the one I tried out.

Magnetic pillow and magnetic blanket?

The magnetic pillow that I use puts magnetic energy to the top of the shoulders and back of the neck, areas that are too far away from the magnets in the in the pad and will benefit greatly from the relaxing magnetic energy.

The magnetic blanket on top of you completes the magnetic cocoon with the pad  underneath you so that you sleep completely immersed in magnetic energy. It also has special fibers in it that absorb ambient energy, usually light throughout the day and the body heat that you radiate during the night, then reflect it back to help you stay the perfect temperature while you sleep.

I have found that the blanket works very well for regulating temperature. If one of your kids is running a couple degrees warm, we will wrap them in the comforter over night and their temperature will be back to normal in the morning. It works almost every time.

Where did I get my Magnetic Mattress Pad?

My magnetic mattress pad is a Nikken mattress pad, and I liked it well enough to become a distributor. I’m sure there are other magnetic pads available, but like I already said, I have had mine for eight years and I have been very happy with it.


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North Poles vs South Poles in Magnetic Therapy

I was talking to someone today about magnets and the whole issue of north magnetic poles vs. south magnetic poles came up again.

In my opinion, if you are looking at a product that the manufacturer says is all north pole or all south pole exposure, then you are looking at the wrong product. I know this probably goes against to everything else you will find on the internet about magnets, so I will attempt to explain my reasoning to you.

Anyone looking for magnets is looking to receive some sort of benefit. Now, I’m not a doctor and I will not claim that magnets will do anything in particular for you. Regardless, you are still looking for a particular benefit that someone told you that magnets will provide.

Whether it is healing or relaxation or something else, the body is what is actually responsible for the benefit, not the product that you used. The product is just a tool to help make it possible for the body to do what it already knows how to do.

In the case of magnets, you are really looking for something that will replicate the Earth’s natural magnetic environment inside  your home or office. Back in the caveman days, people lived outside bathed continuously in the Earth’s field. We didn’t need additional magnets to help out. Now that we have nearly perfected ways to keep the Earth outside, we find that we are actually deficient in a lot of natural things, like exposure to natural magnetic fields. So all we really need is to bring in some of the Earth’s natural magnetism again.

The Earth’s magnetic field isn’t very strong and is composed of both north and south poles. It is in every way impossible to have a magnet that does not have both north and south poles. Since all we need is the Earth’s magnetic field, what we want to bring inside with us should not be excessively strong either and be composed of both magnetic poles in balance.

We can look at the whole north pole / south pole issue from the standpoint of the fields themselves. If we are going to receive benefit from the magnetic field, then we need to actually be exposed to it. Magnetic energy must flow from one pole to the opposite pole to complete a circuit, just like with electricity.

Single MagnetThis image shows what the magnetic field would be like in a pad with all magnets presenting the same pole facing the user. Since the magnetic energy has to flow from one pole to its opposite, the magnetic field will wrap around the edges of each magnet. The majority of the magnetic field will be between each of the magnets.

2 Magnets with Opposite PolesHere we have alternating positive and negative poles. Again, the magnetic energy has to flow from one pole to its opposite. In this case though, the energy can flow from the negative pole of the first magnet to the positive pole of the second magnet. The entire field is above the magnets where it can be used to influence the body.

I hope you can also see from these pictures that you aren’t just being exposed to a positive or a negative magnet. You are being exposed to the flow of magnetic energy, which is really what you want.

Let’s go back to the magnetic strength issue for a moment. You will find products available that have magnets up to 10,000 Gauss. For one, there aren’t many places on our planet that you would be naturally exposed to a field this strong. You also need to understand the effect of a magnetic field on the body.

Magnets affect the flow of energy. The stronger the magnetic field, the faster the energy will be moved. This is the principle that we use to generate electricity. Under normal circumstances, the Earth’s weak magnetic field is enough to help us stay healthy. When you add in a field of a several thousand Gauss, you are going to start moving the energy through the body a lot faster. That could be nerve flow, blood flow, or any other form of energy that may exist in the body.

Those high-strength magnetic fields might just be pushing the energy too fast. Some of the manufacturers claim that their product will cure cancer or some other devastating disease. That may be true. They may help to bring a very out-of-balance body back closer to balance. Most people aren’t that far out of balance though, and we don’t really know what that kind of force could do to a body that is already in balance.

To summarize, the majority of people are only looking for magnets to replicate what they would naturally receive if they were in more constant contact with the Earth’s magnetic field. That is weaker magnets and mixed poles. The magnetic field itself is what matters.

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