Improving the Benefits of Magnets on the Body

magnets-bodyMagnets help the body by stimulating the energy flows in the body – blood, nerve signals, and the more subtle energies that move through the meridians (those energies affected by acupuncture or shiatsu for example).

Magnets are Like Supplements

I think of a magnet like a nutritional supplement. You don’t take supplements to completely replace your diet, you take them to satisfy any insufficiencies in it. The Earth provides us our regular diet of magnetic energy and we use magnets to make up for some of the time that we are indoors isolated from the Earth’s magnetic field.

Likewise, when you supplement you don’t take excessive amounts when you only need a small amount. For example, let’s say that your body needs 2,000 IU of Vitamin XYZ and you normally get 1,000 in your diet. You would supplement by taking 1,000 IU of the vitamin, not 10,000 IU. Excessive amounts of some vitamins and minerals can be safely eliminated by the body. Others can have damaging effects on the body in excessive doses. The Earth’s magnetic field is very weak, so you don’t need a whole lot of magnetic energy to benefit the body, but you do need some. With that in mind, I believe that sleeping on 10,000 gauss magnets is definitely excessive, and possibly harmful over long periods of time.

Using a moderate strength magnet is best to supplement the Earth’s magnetic field and support the body. The challenge is that magnetic field strength drops off significantly with distance from the magnet, like the volume of sound from a speaker. Magnetic energy flows like it is thrown out from one pole and then collected by the other pole, so it loops out from one to the other. To get the most benefit from magnets, you want one that can create a bigger magnetic field without having to use a stronger magnet. There have been a few ways that has been accomplished.

How to Make a Bigger Magnetic Field

Nikken EQL magnetic technologyOne choice is to place multiple magnets side by side with alternating poles. With a single magnet the flux lines come out from one pole, travel alongside the magnet, then enter at the other end so that most of the magnetic energy is beside the magnet instead of at the poles. When you have magnets with alternating poles next to each other, the flux lines leave the pole of one magnet and enter the opposite pole of a neighboring magnet so that the flux lines stay on the surface of the product. This has worked very well in magnetic insoles for many years.

In the picture above, each triangle is a different magnet. The ones outlined in green are one pole, north for example, and the black ones are the other pole, south in this case. This arrangement doesn’t really make the magnetic field bigger, but it does move the field from beside or between the magnets to the surface where it can be more beneficial. In the case magnetic insoles, this arrangement of magnets moves the magnetic field from inside and around the edges of the insole where it can’t do anything to mostly along the surface where it can affect the bottom of your foot.

Spinning Magnets

Magnetic Massage RollerA great way to increase the size of a magnetic field is to spin the magnet. I freely admit that I don’t know why the magnetic field gets bigger when the magnet spins, but I have used a magnetic sensor to see the difference for myself, and it is significant. This is what makes magnetic rollers and magnetic massage balls so effective. When a massage therapist rolls one of these on their client they essentially throw magnetic energy through their client’s body to affect all areas.

The magnetic field from a magnet spinning on one axis is very impressive. It is even more impressive when the magnet is spinning on two axes. The poles of the magnet create a constantly changing sphere of magnetic energy that can be felt much farther away than if the magnet was stationary.

The magnetic field from a stationary magnet can be detected easily up to an inch away from the magnet. When it spins on a single axis the magnetic field can be detected several inches to a foot away. Spin the magnet on two axes and it will reach two to three feet away. When you take into account that magnetic fields pass easily through the body you can see that a large magnetic field can have an effect on the entire body.

Opposing Poles

Bigger Magnetic Field from Like PolesAnother technology that I’m seen recently to increase the depth of a magnetic field is to use magnets in opposition. Everyone knows that when you hold two magnets with like poles toward each other they will repel each other. If you can arrange the magnets properly you can get the magnets to lock together with the like poles together and the resulting magnetic field will reach much farther from the magnets surface.

As you can see in the picture, the flux lines on the bottom face of the magnet are small and even across the surface. This is what you can expect from an ordinary static magnet. On the top surface the flux lines are irregular and much longer because of the multiple magnetic nodes and some of them in opposition to each other. A magnetic device set up like this will have much more benefit than an ordinary static magnets without having to have moving parts like in a spinning magnet. A spinning magnet will still create a bigger field than this, but this magnet can be used like any other static magnet. place it where you want it and forget about it.


There are many ways to improve the benefits of magnets on the body. Using magnets with alternating poles moves the magnetic field from beside the magnet to the poles so that they are more usable for wellness benefits. Spinning magnets, especially on two axes, create a much deeper magnetic field and either requires user participation or electricity to spin the magnet. A magnetic device with poles locked together in opposition creates a magnetic field bigger than plain static magnets, smaller than a spinning magnet, and is easier to use because you don’t need a means to spin it.

Do you have experience using magnet such as these? Please sure your experiences in a comment below.


Disclosure: I am an independent Nikken distributor and the links on this page lead to some of the Nikken magnets that represent each of the technologies. I may earn a commission if you order through the linked pages.

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