Magnetic Therapy

The earth creates a magnetic field that protects all of us living here from the effects of solar flares and other radiation from space. All living things here also produce magnetic fields, including us.

Electrical devices produce electrical fields that are potentially harmful to us. Things like motors, televisions, computers, electric blankets, microwave ovens, electrical wiring in our homes and offices, and power lines. This is all electromagnetic pollution and is as bad as any other form of environmental pollution.

Magnetic therapy, or magnetic field therapy, can be used to help offset the harmful effects of this electromagnetic pollution and has been shown to be effective for some people against stress, pain, inflammation, headaches, broken bones, and some diseases. Some people have even show magnetic field therapy to be effective against cancer.

Magnetic therapy is the practice of using magnets and magnetic fields to influence the body with the intent of reversing the effects of a condition. Doctors are already using MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imagers) instead of X-Rays to take pictures of the body. Some are using MEGs (MagnetoEncephaloGrams) instead of EEGs to record brain activity because it is easier. Doctors are also using pulsed electromagnetic fields to encourage broken bones to heal if the are not healing quickly enough on their own.

Magnets have been used to heal since ancient times in Greece, India, Egypt. Albert Roy Davis, Ph.D. found that magnets could kill cancer cells in animals and could be used against arthritis, glaucoma, and infertility. Dr. Michael Weintraub has shown in placebo-controlled double-blind studies that magnetic therapy can help with peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients and may have the potential to regenerate nerve fibers.

A very nice benefit of magnetic therapy is that low-strength magnets have shown significant benefits with no harmful side effects. The only contraindication is implanted battery-operated devices like pacemakers.

Some good examples of magnetic products are magnetic knee wraps and magnetic jewelry.

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