Can Magnets Affect the Body?

Cross Currents by Dr. Robert O. BeckerCross Current by Robert Becker on AmazonI have believed that magnets affect the body to help it to function better and to heal faster for a long time, and I use magnets myself. Most of the evidence that you hear offered for using magnets is usually anecdotal at best, just stories with little if any scientific proof. What if there was some scientific evidence that magnets really can help the body?

I just started reading Cross Currents – The Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine by Dr. Robert O. Becker. I’d heard about Dr. Becker and that he had some things to say about magnets so I picked up his books several years ago but for some reason never got around to reading them. Now I am. The book was copyrighted in 1990, so the information isn’t exactly new, just not commonly shared in the health industry. I’m not very far into the book yet but I came across something interesting that I would like to share.

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How Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

Magnetic TherapyThere are a lot of claims about magnetic therapy bracelets and other applications of healing magnets and using magnets for health. The one I have seen most often recently is about Linus Pauling receiving the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1954 for discovering the magnetic properties of hemoglobin, the iron containing component of red blood cells. The claims are usually stated so that they strongly suggest that he proved back in 1954 that magnets heal the body and nothing more needs to be said about the matter.

From what I have been able to find, Linus Pauling won the Nobel prize in 1954 more for his work in figuring out how chemical bonds work and that his research into the magnetic properties of hemoglobin was just a small side note. I didn’t see anywhere that he made any medical claim about using magnets to heal the body. The fact that hemoglobin does have magnetic properties could be something that we can use though.

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Why Magnets Do Not Work

Magnets Don't Work?There are some people who insist that magnets work and that they receive an amazing benefit from them. There are some people who say that magnets do not work, it’s all a load of hooey, and they absolutely refuse to even try them.

Finally, there are some people who are open-minded enough to consider them, maybe understand how they might work, but for some reason they do have seem to receive any benefit. This is the group of people that I am talking to today.

Why do magnets not seem to work for some people, and what can they do about it? There are a variety of reasons and here are three of them.

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Improving the Benefits of Magnets on the Body

magnets-bodyMagnets help the body by stimulating the energy flows in the body – blood, nerve signals, and the more subtle energies that move through the meridians (those energies affected by acupuncture or shiatsu for example).

Magnets are Like Supplements

I think of a magnet like a nutritional supplement. You don’t take supplements to completely replace your diet, you take them to satisfy any insufficiencies in it. The Earth provides us our regular diet of magnetic energy and we use magnets to make up for some of the time that we are indoors isolated from the Earth’s magnetic field.

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Lower Back Pain Relief

What Causes Lower Back PainWhen you have low back pain there is almost no way to get comfortable because everything put pressure on it – sitting, standing or laying down. Most people are given pain medications and told that they just have to learn to deal with it. I don’t think that is the only option.

What Causes Lower Back Pain

“Pain” is a medical term and I am not a doctor. In non-medical fields we have to call it “lower back discomfort”, to avoid issues with the people who control the “pain” word.

So, what causes lower back discomfort? There are a great many possibilities because the lower back is a critical area in the structure of our body. The lower spine supports the entire weight of the upper body. In addition, the lower spine protects all of the the nerves that energize the lower half of the body. That involves some overworked muscles, bones and nerves and all of their supporting tissues.

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Magnetic Mattress Pad – My First Experience

magnetic mattress padThe first experience I had with magnets was with a magnetic sleep system – a magnetic mattress pad, a magnetic pillow and a magnetic blanket. My wife and I borrowed the set from a friend to try it out before we bought one for ourselves. When we went to bed that night I laid down on it and thought that it was incredibly firm. The next thought I had was when I woke up the next morning. I fell asleep that fast and slept through the night.

About a month later we bought our own set and eventually bought them for our kids as well. We like them so much that we take the magnetic blankets and pillows with us when we travel. We would take the pads too but they don’t fold up well and take too much space.

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North Poles vs South Poles in Magnetic Therapy

I was talking to someone today about magnets and the whole issue of north magnetic poles vs. south magnetic poles came up again.

In my opinion, if you are looking at a product that the manufacturer says is all north pole or all south pole exposure, then you are looking at the wrong product. I know this probably goes against to everything else you will find on the internet about magnets, so I will attempt to explain my reasoning to you.

Anyone looking for magnets is looking to receive some sort of benefit. Now, I’m not a doctor and I will not claim that magnets will do anything in particular for you. Regardless, you are still looking for a particular benefit that someone told you that magnets will provide.

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