Can Magnets Affect the Body?

Cross Currents by Dr. Robert O. BeckerCross Current by Robert Becker on AmazonI have believed that magnets affect the body to help it to function better and to heal faster for a long time, and I use magnets myself. Most of the evidence that you hear offered for using magnets is usually anecdotal at best, just stories with little if any scientific proof. What if there was some scientific evidence that magnets really can help the body?

I just started reading Cross Currents – The Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine by Dr. Robert O. Becker. I’d heard about Dr. Becker and that he had some things to say about magnets so I picked up his books several years ago but for some reason never got around to reading them. Now I am. The book was copyrighted in 1990, so the information isn’t exactly new, just not commonly shared in the health industry. I’m not very far into the book yet but I came across something interesting that I would like to share.

In sum, magnetic and electromagnetic fields have energy, can carry information, and are produced by electrical currents. When we talk about electrical currents flowing in living organisms, we also imply that they are producing magnetic fields that extend outside of the body and can be influenced by external magnetic fields as well.

The Current of Injury

So far in the book Dr. Becker has been talking about the experiments that he has done to establish something he calls the current of injury. The current of injury is a direct current (DC), the kind of current that you get when you power a device using a battery as opposed to the alternating current (AC) that you get from an outlet in your wall. In DC, electrons flow only in one direction. In AC, the direction of flow switches back and forth several times every second. In the case of a 60 Hz alternating current, the direction of flow changes from forward to backward and back to forward 60 times every second.

He liked to do experiments on salamanders because of their ability to regenerate lost limbs. He measured the current of injury at a broken leg in a salamander over time as the leg healed and compared that to the current of injury in frogs with the same injury (frogs don’t regenerate lost limbs) to see how they were different. The current of injury exists in all animals, even us humans, when they experience an injury, and it is maintained until the injury is completely healed.

Getting back to the quote above, a DC current produces the same kind of magnetic field as you get from a static magnet, it doesn’t change much over time. Likewise, an AC current produces a pulsed magnetic field, one that switches directions with the flow of the charges in the wire.

The current of injury in the body is DC so it produces a static magnetic field. As Dr. Becker stated in the quote from his book, that static magnetic field extends from the body and can be influenced by external magnetic fields. Those external magnetic fields could be the field created by placing a magnet on or near the body or the magnetic fields created by other people close by.

Using the Body’s Magnetic Fields

Most people have heard of MRI, magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI machine takes pictures of the magnetic field in the body so that doctors can get a very accurate picture of what is happening inside. There are also magnetic versions of most of the electrical measurements that can be made from the body. For example, the ECG (electro-cardiogram) has a magnetic counterpart in the MCG (magneto-cardiogram).

ElectrocardiogramThe ECG measures the electrical field produced by the heart and involves sticking electrodes to the chest. The MCG on the other hand can be measured at a distance, so it doesn’t involve all the mess of the electrodes. It is also more accurate because the magnetic fields produced by the various tissues in the chest are easier to separate than the combined electrical fields. All tissues produce fields, so the doctors have to filter out the fields from the skin, bone and lungs to isolate the field from the heart itself. It is easier to separate out the magnetic fields.

Back to the current of injury and its corresponding static magnetic field. As I pointed out above with the MRI and MCG, the magnetic field from your brain can be measured without touching your body. Likewise, if you have sensitive enough equipment, you can measure the static magnetic field generated by the DC current of injury. That magnetic field can also be influenced  by placing magnets within it by placing a magnet on or near the skin in the area of the injury. This is how magnets affect the body.

The way I see it based on what I’ve read and studied (I studied electrical engineering in college), you can place a magnet on or near the skin in an area where you need a boost. The magnet influences a change in your body’s magnetic field in that area which then causes electrical and/or chemical changes in the body in that area, which can then spread throughout the whole body.

As I said, I use magnets. I wear a magnetic necklace and a magnetic bracelet all the time and I keep a pair of magnetic insoles in my shoes. I have other magnets that I can tape to my skin anywhere that I may feel sore or achy from time to time.

Please leave me a comment below and share if you have used magnets, or considered using them, to help your body and what you used them for.


PS. You can find all of the magnets that I use here. The Cross Currents book is available on AmazonCross Current by Robert Becker on Amazon.

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