Why Magnets Do Not Work

Magnets Don't Work?There are some people who insist that magnets work and that they receive an amazing benefit from them. There are some people who say that magnets do not work, it’s all a load of hooey, and they absolutely refuse to even try them.

Finally, there are some people who are open-minded enough to consider them, maybe understand how they might work, but for some reason they do have seem to receive any benefit. This is the group of people that I am talking to today.

Why do magnets not seem to work for some people, and what can they do about it? There are a variety of reasons and here are three of them.


Magnets may not work for you because you are dehydrated.

One of the ways that magnets help the body is by boosting the signals in the body that call for repairs to a particular area so that resources can be sent. There are many communication channels in the body. Everyone knows about how nerves work, and they can be affected by poor hydration, but the fastest communication in the body takes place by broadcasting signals through a network made from chains of polarized water molecules that run through the fascia, the connective tissues that run throughout your body and connect, surround and permeate all of the tissues in your body. When you are dehydrated the signals don’t have an adequate medium, kind of like sending electricity through a wire that that has breaks in it. In situations like this, it doesn’t matter how much you boost the signal, because it isn’t going anywhere without an adequate channel.

The only way to correct this problem is to drink plenty of water. I like the recommendation of a half ounce of water for every pound of body weight. Whatever guideline you use for how much water you need, once you are properly hydrated you will feel better and you will get more benefit from any technology that you use to help your body, including magnets.

Are You Still Causing the Problem?

The second reason why you might think that magnets don’t work for you is that you are still doing whatever it was that was causing your problem in the first place. No matter how many times you patch a tire, it won’t hold air if you keep running over nails.

If you sit all day hunched over with poor posture in front of a computer you will probably have problems in your upper back, shoulders and neck. No matter what you do, use magnets, get massages, whatever, you’re going to keep having those problems until you fix your posture. As long as the source of your issue remains, your problem will keep coming back. Magnets can help with the effects but you have to fix the cause.

You may also find that magnets work for you for a little while then you reach a kind of plateau where you feel better than you did but you know you should feel better. This could be a similar issue where you are still doing whatever it is that is causing the problem but the magnets are able to maintain you at a higher level that what your body was able to maintain by itself. When you figure out what is causing your issues, posture or other bad habits, then the magnets can help you get even better.

You Have to Actually Use Them

The third biggest reason I have seen for why magnets do not work for some people is because they don’t actually use them. If you decide to try a magnet to fix your issue, you have to do more than just buy the magnet and bring the package through your front door. I have seen this most often with people who borrow a magnet to try out. They accept it, set it somewhere out of the way and never actually use it. You have to actually take it out of the box and apply it to the area of discomfort for more than a few minutes.

If you were taking medication for some illness you would take more than one dose before you expected to feel better, then continue to take it for a period of time to make sure the problem was gone completely. It is the same thing with magnets. You have to use them, and continue to use them regularly for a period of time before your discomfort, or whatever, goes away. Your issue probably took more than a day to manifest, so it will probably take more than a day for it to go away.

I firmly believe that magnets do work and I use them all the time. They are a natural earth energy that we are surrounded by all the time when we are outside. For me, using a magnet is like taking a nutritional supplement. When you don’t get enough of a vitamin or mineral in your regular diet you take a supplement. If you don’t get outside often enough or long enough, you use a magnet to supplement that energy. For them to work though, you have to give them a chance and create the proper conditions for them to work.


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Disclaimer and Disclosure

I am not a doctor and I do not prescribe magnets to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any particular condition. If you have an issue that requires medical condition then please consult your physician. I am an independent Nikken distributor and I earn my income from selling magnets and other items from Nikken. My family and I use many of the Nikken magnets in our daily lives.

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