Lower Back Pain Relief

What Causes Lower Back PainWhen you have low back pain there is almost no way to get comfortable because everything put pressure on it – sitting, standing or laying down. Most people are given pain medications and told that they just have to learn to deal with it. I don’t think that is the only option.

What Causes Lower Back Pain

“Pain” is a medical term and I am not a doctor. In non-medical fields we have to call it “lower back discomfort”, to avoid issues with the people who control the “pain” word.

So, what causes lower back discomfort? There are a great many possibilities because the lower back is a critical area in the structure of our body. The lower spine supports the entire weight of the upper body. In addition, the lower spine protects all of the the nerves that energize the lower half of the body. That involves some overworked muscles, bones and nerves and all of their supporting tissues.

The first thing to look at are the kidneys. They sit right at the lower back and if they are injured you are going to feel it in the lower back. If you have lower back pain and think it might be your kidneys, then stop reading and go see your doctor.

Sciatic Nerve and Piriformis MuscleNext let’s look at the nerves, especially the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve comes out of the spine in the lower back, runs through the pelvis and then down the legs. Any pinches or damage anywhere along the length of the nerve can appear as discomfort in the lower back. Pinches can be caused by either bone, like a compression in the lower spine, or by muscle.  The piriformis is a muscle that passes through the pelvis and crosses the sciatic nerve. If it is inflamed then it can compress the sciatic nerve and cause significant discomfort.

Over-work, strain and injury in the lower back itself could be the problem. As I already said, the lower back takes a lot of strain supporting the upper body. Poor posture, heavy lifting or even a bad step can cause injury in the lower back. Done repeatedly, all of the injuries can build on each other until you have chronic discomfort.

Latissimus Dorsi, Quadratus Lumborum and other muscles can pull the spine out of place when they are tight. The erector muscles, the small muscles responsible for posture, can compress the spine when they get tight. Dehydration can further complicate things by allowing the spinal discs to dry out and shrink, allowing the spine to compress. When the spine compresses, the small nerves that come out of the spine between the vertebrae get compressed which causes discomfort.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Most importantly, if you are experiencing discomfort in your lower back, you should see a doctor to make sure that it isn’t something serious that needs medical attention.

The first thing I recommend at all times is to make sure that you are properly hydrated. No method of relief that I am aware of will have any effect if you are dehydrated. Proper hydration will help to keep the spinal disks cushioning the vertebrae and allow the muscles and fascia connected to the spine to expand and contract properly.

Massage, stretching exercises and other body manipulation techniques can also help to stretch out the muscles in the lower back and open up the spine. Knotted up muscles can knock things way out of whack and massage does a great job of allowing them to move back into place. A good chiropractor can help too once the muscles are loosened up.

This is a website about using magnets to support the body, so what about magnetic back therapy? There are back magnets that are sized so that they cover a reasonable area of the lower back around the spine. the discomfort in the lower back is usually close to the surface so the strength of the magnet isn’t as important and having enough magnets to cover the area.

Nikken Kenko Magflex Back MagnetMy preference is the Nikken back magnet, the Nikken Kenko Magflex, though there are other companies that make suitable magnets as well. The Nikken MagFlex has 28 magnetic nodes spaced evenly over the surface of the pad so it provides great cover. More importantly, I have only heard great things from the people who have used it.

Magnets may help the muscles to relax letting the spine open up naturally. They may also help to increase blood flow which improves the body’s ability to take care of itself. To get the most from the benefits of magnets you have to be properly hydrated.

Better than relief from low back discomfort is to prevent it in the first place. The best way to do that is to stay hydrated, stretch, strengthen your lower back muscles, and use a back magnet to relieve tension as it builds up. I found some great lower back strengthening exercises here. When stretching, stretch slowly so that you don’t cause injury while working to prevent it.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I’m not a doctor and I do not offer this as medical advice. If you have issues with your lower back then please go see a doctor. Always see a doctor before you start a new exercise regimen. I am a Nikken distributor and I may earn a commission if you buy Nikken Kenko Magflex through the link above.

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