Magnetic Mattress Pad – My First Experience

magnetic mattress padThe first experience I had with magnets was with a magnetic sleep system – a magnetic mattress pad, a magnetic pillow and a magnetic blanket. My wife and I borrowed the set from a friend to try it out before we bought one for ourselves. When we went to bed that night I laid down on it and thought that it was incredibly firm. The next thought I had was when I woke up the next morning. I fell asleep that fast and slept through the night.

About a month later we bought our own set and eventually bought them for our kids as well. We like them so much that we take the magnetic blankets and pillows with us when we travel. We would take the pads too but they don’t fold up well and take too much space.

What Does a Magnetic Mattress Pad Do?

Nothing. It’s a pad. It just lays there. Actually, I believe the magnets help a lot. We’ve had our magnetic pad for eight years and I still fall asleep within a few minutes after I lay down. In all that time, I can probably count on my fingers the time I’ve still been awake ten minutes after laying down.

I quick search on the internet will find you plenty of claims about what a magnetic mattress pad can do. Most of the ones I have seen are about pads that use excessively high strength magnets (10,000 to 20,000 gauss) to treat cancer. You’ll also find heated discussions about positive polarity vs. negative polarity and how one will make you live forever and the other will kill you yesterday. It’s crazy.

The pad I use has 3200 gauss magnets set into the pad so that the gauss strength at the skin surface is about 800 gauss. The only claim is that the pad should help you sleep better. The real benefits come from getting quality sleep, which is something that most people could really use. It is also made from natural latex now, so its a lot softer than the one I tried out.

Magnetic pillow and magnetic blanket?

The magnetic pillow that I use puts magnetic energy to the top of the shoulders and back of the neck, areas that are too far away from the magnets in the in the pad and will benefit greatly from the relaxing magnetic energy.

The magnetic blanket on top of you completes the magnetic cocoon with the pad  underneath you so that you sleep completely immersed in magnetic energy. It also has special fibers in it that absorb ambient energy, usually light throughout the day and the body heat that you radiate during the night, then reflect it back to help you stay the perfect temperature while you sleep.

I have found that the blanket works very well for regulating temperature. If one of your kids is running a couple degrees warm, we will wrap them in the comforter over night and their temperature will be back to normal in the morning. It works almost every time.

Where did I get my Magnetic Mattress Pad?

My magnetic mattress pad is a Nikken mattress pad, and I liked it well enough to become a distributor. I’m sure there are other magnetic pads available, but like I already said, I have had mine for eight years and I have been very happy with it.


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