North Poles vs South Poles in Magnetic Therapy

I was talking to someone today about magnets and the whole issue of north magnetic poles vs. south magnetic poles came up again.

In my opinion, if you are looking at a product that the manufacturer says is all north pole or all south pole exposure, then you are looking at the wrong product. I know this probably goes against to everything else you will find on the internet about magnets, so I will attempt to explain my reasoning to you.

Anyone looking for magnets is looking to receive some sort of benefit. Now, I’m not a doctor and I will not claim that magnets will do anything in particular for you. Regardless, you are still looking for a particular benefit that someone told you that magnets will provide.

Whether it is healing or relaxation or something else, the body is what is actually responsible for the benefit, not the product that you used. The product is just a tool to help make it possible for the body to do what it already knows how to do.

In the case of magnets, you are really looking for something that will replicate the Earth’s natural magnetic environment inside ¬†your home or office. Back in the caveman days, people lived outside bathed continuously in the Earth’s field. We didn’t need additional magnets to help out. Now that we have nearly perfected ways to keep the Earth outside, we find that we are actually deficient in a lot of natural things, like exposure to natural magnetic fields. So all we really need is to bring in some of the Earth’s natural magnetism again.

The Earth’s magnetic field isn’t very strong and is composed of both north and south poles. It is in every way impossible to have a magnet that does not have both north and south poles. Since all we need is the Earth’s magnetic field, what we want to bring inside with us should not be excessively strong either and be composed of both magnetic poles in balance.

We can look at the whole north pole / south pole issue from the standpoint of the fields themselves. If we are going to receive benefit from the magnetic field, then we need to actually be exposed to it. Magnetic energy must flow from one pole to the opposite pole to complete a circuit, just like with electricity.

Single MagnetThis image shows what the magnetic field would be like in a pad with all magnets presenting the same pole facing the user. Since the magnetic energy has to flow from one pole to its opposite, the magnetic field will wrap around the edges of each magnet. The majority of the magnetic field will be between each of the magnets.

2 Magnets with Opposite PolesHere we have alternating positive and negative poles. Again, the magnetic energy has to flow from one pole to its opposite. In this case though, the energy can flow from the negative pole of the first magnet to the positive pole of the second magnet. The entire field is above the magnets where it can be used to influence the body.

I hope you can also see from these pictures that you aren’t just being exposed to a positive or a negative magnet. You are being exposed to the flow of magnetic energy, which is really what you want.

Let’s go back to the magnetic strength issue for a moment. You will find products available that have magnets up to 10,000 Gauss. For one, there aren’t many places on our planet that you would be naturally exposed to a field this strong. You also need to understand the effect of a magnetic field on the body.

Magnets affect the flow of energy. The stronger the magnetic field, the faster the energy will be moved. This is the principle that we use to generate electricity. Under normal circumstances, the Earth’s weak magnetic field is enough to help us stay healthy. When you add in a field of a several thousand Gauss, you are going to start moving the energy through the body a lot faster. That could be nerve flow, blood flow, or any other form of energy that may exist in the body.

Those high-strength magnetic fields might just be pushing the energy too fast. Some of the manufacturers claim that their product will cure cancer or some other devastating disease. That may be true. They may help to bring a very out-of-balance body back closer to balance. Most people aren’t that far out of balance though, and we don’t really know what that kind of force could do to a body that is already in balance.

To summarize, the majority of people are only looking for magnets to replicate what they would naturally receive if they were in more constant contact with the Earth’s magnetic field. That is weaker magnets and mixed poles. The magnetic field itself is what matters.

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